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Polydioxanone or PDO is a biodegradable synthetic polymer that is crystalline and colorless in nature. PDO threads, also known as magical threads, are fine tensing threads that are widely used in cosmetic, non-surgical interventions.

They have the ability to stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are proteins responsible for holding our body together. They help keep the skin smooth and firm.

Body flaccidity can be treated with PDO threads from the inside. A PDO thread lift can effectively reverse the key signs of aging such as saggy skin, wrinkles, creases, and eye bags and provide you with younger-looking facial skin.

A PDO thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that can be performed almost anywhere on the body, however, it is usually performed on the facial and the neck area. It can help to rejuvenate your face and your neck, as well as your arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Is PDO Thread Lift for You?

The PDO thread lift procedure is ideal for those people who have minimal signs of aging and who just needs a small lift. If your cheeks, brow, and/or jowls are drooping or your neck is saggy, you can opt to undergo the PDO thread lift treatment.

People who have undergone any previous invasive neck lift or face lift procedure and who are seeing a relapse can undergo the PDO thread lift as well. PDO thread lift is a practical option for people who want younger-looking skin but don’t want to undergo any surgical procedures that are more invasive.

The PDO thread lift procedure is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, people who have open wounds and skin infections should avoid this procedure.

The PDO Thread Lift Procedure

The PDO thread lift procedure is usually done as an outpatient procedure. Only one session is required. The session lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes. No general anesthetic is required. The physician will first mark the areas that require the lift. The PDO threads will then be implanted with the help of fine needles.

These threads will grasp onto the skin that’s drooping and to the soft tissue to position the skin appropriately. The needles will not leave any marks and you will only experience minimal discomfort. If you are not okay with that, you can ask your physician to numb the area. Once the procedure is over, you can leave and carry on with your normal daily routines.

After the Procedure

You may notice mild swelling and bruising in the areas where the needles are used, however, this will disappear in a couple of days. After the procedure, you should avoid any other beauty treatments, including any dental treatments, for two weeks.

You will begin to see results in about one to two weeks. The results will continue to improve as more and more collagen and elastin are produced. The results can last for one to two years, depending on the skin of the patient. The number of PDO threads required is also dependent on the condition of the skin of the patient.

The PDO thread lift is an effective non-invasive facial/body rejuvenation procedure that has virtually no downtime, and requires only minimal aftercare and is cost-effective.

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