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Aging is, unfortunately, something that all of us have to go through whether we like it or not. Not all of us age very well, and when you include stress, sun exposure, pollution, and other outside factors, our facial appearances will change rapidly and cause us to lose our youth, vigor, and vibrance.

Luckily with constant innovations in the world of cosmetic surgery, there are a number of options available to help you reclaim your beauty and rejuvenate your skin to make you look younger and happier.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available to help you accomplish these goals is a facelift. It is a safe and effective procedure that will allow you to take years off your appearance and fill you with confidence.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help you remove excess skin from the face, lift up facial tissue, remove excess fat, and give the face an overall youthful and more aesthetically pleasing look.

The procedure can help you turn back the hands of time and allow you to get your face to look years younger than you are. Many of the patients who have undergone the procedure leave their cosmetic surgeon’s office looking like a much younger and more confident version of themselves.

Facelifts are performed to remove sagging skin and excess fat to smoothen out fine lines, deep folds, and wrinkles. It will tighten your facial skin to make it look smoother and firm. The procedure can help you look younger and more attractive, resulting in a dramatic increase in confidence.

A facelift can be performed on the whole face or you can choose to specifically target the upper or lower portion of the face. While an upper facelift concentrates on the forehead, brows, and eyes, a lower facelift concentrates on the cheeks, chin, and neck.

Lower Facelift and Jowls

Sagging skin, folds, and thick wrinkles on the cheeks, chin, and neck become more prominent with age, gravity, stress, and a number of other factors. A lower facelift is the perfect solution to eliminate unappealing jowls from the face to make you look and feel great about yourself.

The Lower Facelift Procedure

A lower facelift surgery begins with an assessment of your body to determine how much excess skin and fat should be removed. Your surgeon will mark the target areas with a black pen. The incisions are then carefully made, the skin is lifted up and pulled back, and your surgeon will start to remove the required amount of skin and fat.

The underlying facial muscles are tightened to prevent excessive stretching and movement of the muscles that cause excess wrinkling, lines, and folds. The incisions are then closed with sutures.

There are many types of lower facelift techniques used such as the endoscopic procedure, the S-lift facelift, and the SMAS facelift. Your surgeon will discuss the differences between each technique and decide which one will work best for you depending on your needs.

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