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Your forehead and brow can develop many fine lines, folds, and deep wrinkles as the years go by due to age, stress, environmental factors, and other harsh elements. The more you move your face and make facial expressions, the more lines and wrinkles will develop.

These fine lines and wrinkles are unavoidable and can make you look many years older than you actually are. They can adversely affect your facial appearance and degrade your aesthetic appeal.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that can help eliminate sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in the brow and forehead region. The procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is skilled, precise, and has exceptional attention to detail.

During the procedure, your surgeon will remove excess skin from the forehead and tighten the area to give you a firmer and well-contoured brow. The eyebrows can be lifted and placed at a higher position on the forehead.

There are a variety of brow lift techniques available to patients who would like to undergo the procedure. There is the traditional brow lift, the endoscopic brow lift, and a mini open brow lift.

The mini-open brow lift technique is also known as the subcutaneous brow and forehead lift. It can provide the following advantages:

• The results provided by the technique are long-lasting.
• It involves a straightforward and simple dissection of the subcutaneous region on the forehead.
• It is a direct and plain vision technique.
• Since it is a subcutaneous dissection, there is no edema needed and recovery is much faster.
• There is no reason to over correct with the mini brow lift
• It does not raise the hairline above the current placement
• There is no need to place sutures into the skull bone
• Greatly improves the appearance of forehead rhytids
• Gives your surgeon direct access to the depressors on the brow line
• Gives your surgeon control over the suspension of the brow line over the entire eyebrow area

The Transfollicular Subcutaneous Brow Lift

Your surgeon will begin the procedure by administering local tumescent anesthesia. He will then make surgical marks on the forehead and brow line. These markings indicate where the incisions have to be made. The incision for this procedure is made just behind the hair line, making it virtually impossible to see once it has healed.

He will cut and lift the skin flap and proceed to removing the underlying subcutaneous tissue. The underlying muscles are tightened, pulled, and removed if necessary. The hair follicles in the surgical area are transected at an angle so that the fine hairs can grow through the incision.

The procedure is a safe and effective method for men and women who want to rejuvenate their youthful allure and improve their facial aesthetics.

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