The eyebrows enhance our facial features and can play an important role in expressing our moods and thoughts to others. With age, the face can experience creasing of the forehead and eyebrow dropping, as gravity applies its effects through the years. Sagging brows beneath a wrinkled forehead can cause others to perceive us as angry, tired, or sad. When the brows are lifted, however, a person can appear aware, awake, and happy. To help reverse the effects of aging on the brow, and help patients feel comfortable and confident with their brow appearance, Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging offers the Eyebrow Lift Procedure. The Eye Brow Lift procedure varies depending on the patient’s desired look.

Brow Lift Options

Lateral Eye Brow Lift:

This procedure includes making changes in the forehead while lifting the brows. A small incision is made in the hairline of the temporal area. Through this incision, the tissue in the brow area is then elevated and repositioned. This will correct the outer onethird position of the eyebrow, without altering the shape of the brow. This procedure creates a refreshed and vibrant look to the brow with minimal risk.

Full Brow Lift:

This option involves an incision in the hairline of the forehead. The skin is carefully lifted and tissue and muscle adjustments are made appropriately for each patient. This procedure creates a smoother forehead and a more rested and youthful look.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Patients with sagging brows or forehead aging may be a good candidate for a Brow Lift procedure. During a consultation appointment with our team at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging, an examination of your brows, skin type, and goals will be taken into account to see if Brow Lift Surgery is a good option for you.

What is the cost of a Brow Lift?

The cost depends on how extensive your procedure will be. At your free consultation, our surgeon will take your goals, skin, brow, and forehead condition into consideration, when calculating the cost.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about how Brow Lift Procedure can help create a natural, and youthful appearance to your facial features, then contact our team at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging. To see if this is a good option for you, call the office or fill out an online form to schedule a consultation.