A strict workout routine can help reduce fat deposits in the abdominal area, but the sagging skin that results from weight loss cannot often be corrected with exercises alone. If you struggle with getting rid of excess fat in the abdominal region, an abdominoplasty may be the perfect option for you.

Also known as a tummy tuck, the abdominoplasty is an effective procedure that can target the abdominal area to get rid of excess skin and fat. Before deciding to undergo the procedure, however, it is important to understand more about it first.

Who Might Need Abdominoplasty?

While many might be able to get a fit and trim figure with just exercises, there are some who struggle to get rid of stubborn belly fat. You may need to undergo an abdominoplasty if:

• You have been through multiple pregnancies that resulted in a saggy tummy.
• You have lifestyle habits that might result in a pot belly and love handles that seem impossible to lose.
• You have a medical condition that makes it difficult to lose excess fat.

These are just a few examples of the factors that may cause someone to develop excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area. In cases like these and many others, an abdominoplasty will help. The procedure, however, does not replace exercise and diet, and it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after undergoing the surgery.

There are different types of abdominoplasty techniques, and the one given to you will depend on your needs. For an overall correction, a standard abdominoplasty is done. If either the upper or the lower region alone needs to be corrected, a specialized tummy tuck focusing on the target area will be performed.

Your surgeon will analyze your body as a whole and talk to you about the options available. Together, you will decide which tummy tuck method will be best suited to your needs.

Understanding The Abdominoplasty Procedure

Your journey toward a successful abdominoplasty procedure begins with finding a great surgeon that you can trust. Once you have found a good surgeon, you should schedule a consultation. When he has finished evaluating your body, he will decide on the type of abdominoplasty that will suit your needs best.

Before moving forward with the procedure, you will have to prepare yourself by following any instructions given to you by your doctor. Once you are ready, your surgeon will begin the procedure. The process involves:

Getting anesthesia: The tummy tuck is an invasive procedure and requires the administration of anesthesia either local or general depending on the type of abdominoplasty.

Making the incision: The incision will be made in your bikini line and your surgeon will remove excess skin. The fat will be removed with liposuction and reposition the belly button to fit with the new contours of the tummy more effectively.

Sutures: Once the excess fat and sagging skin is removed, your surgeon will close the incision with sutures.

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