The best way to add or increase hair in an area is a hair transplant.

But what does a hair transplant cost? There isn’t a clear-cut answer. Both the treatment and recovery come with their own price tag. There are multiple factors that affect how much a hair transplant costs. 

Hair Transplants with Cosmetica are significantly less expensive than competitors:



What is a Hair Transplant?

Before we talk about hair transplant costs, let’s talk about hair transplants themselves.

There are multiple methods of hair transplant. When you think of a hair transplant, you probably think of the old “Plug” method. This would often leave patients with a huge scar on the back of the head and left significant scar tissue. Those who opted for this method could never opt for shorter hairstyles, as the scar would be visible. The “Doll Hair” look of this old method gave hair transplants the bad reputation they still have today. 

But, that reputation is no longer warranted. Here at Cosmetica, we use the most advanced technology available: follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

This modern method leaves no visible scarring. During this method, your surgeon at Cosmetica will extract hair follicles from the back and sides of your head. These are the areas where hair never falls out in your lifetime. With this method, our patients have zero:

  • Scars
  • Cutting
  • Stitches 

Instead, after the procedure, they’re on the way to a fast recovery with natural looking results. 

Your Cosmetica team will extract each follicular unit by using a micro punch. There are many different kinds of punches which all produce excellent results in the correct hands. Your surgeon’s experience matters more than the equipment with this procedure. 

The area where your hair is thinning is the recipient area. Your Cosmetica surgeon will make small incisions in the recipient area, following your natural hair growth pattern. 

The team at Cosmetica will place each graft of your hair with surgical precision. The placement of each follicular unit depends on thickness and overall pattern of hair growth. Your surgeon will place each follicular unit to maximize density and coverage, while still maintaining the natural look that clients desire.

What Factors Affect Hair Transplant Costs?

The cost of a hair transplant treatment is variable. It can range anywhere from $4000 to more than $10,000. Since most insurance companies consider hair transplants a cosmetic procedure, these costs will usually be completely out of pocket. 

Some of the factors that affect hair transplant costs are:

  • Your geographic location. The relative cost of living in the area, as well as the number of nearby surgeons offering the procedure, will affect hair transplant costs.
  • The type of procedure. There are two types of hair transplant. There’s follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). These procedures are different and have different costs. Remember, at Cosmetica, we utilize FUE.
  • The skill of your surgeon. Training and technology increase positive outcomes but also raise the price of the procedure. If your surgeon is the top of their field, obviously their price tag is going to be a little bigger. At the same time, higher costs don’t always mean higher skill. Research carefully. 
  • The area you want to increase hair in. A few patches will cost significantly less than increasing hair across the entire scalp.
  • Travel costs. This isn’t a charge from your doctor, but it’s still a cost you have to take into account. If you have to travel to get to a specialist, you should consider these costs when deciding if you can afford the procedure. 

How Much Does It Cost To Recover From A Hair Transplant?

In addition to the cost of a hair transplant, you have to think about the cost of recovery as well.

Some of the recovery costs include:

  • Pain medication 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling 
  • Antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection 

The most common complication with hair transplant is an infection. If you experience an infection, you’ll need treatment. This is an extra expense, including the cost of medication and doctor’s visits. 

Hair Transplants at Cosmetica 

Like we said, hair transplants can be expensive. There are lots of variables that will affect your hair transplant costs.

At Cosmetica in Port St. Lucie, Florida, we know that everyone deserves the hair they want, regardless of whether or not they have a spare $10,000. At Cosmetica, you can get a hair transplant for as little as $2.50 per graft. 

In addition, financing is available. We can space out your payments monthly, starting at just $206/month.

If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant, call Cosmetica at 772.337.1717. You can also fill out our quick online form to schedule a consultation.