Hormone Therapy Pellets

As we grow older, our hormones usually take a nose dive. Fortunately, a number of studies over the years have demonstrated that hormone therapy pellets are extremely efficient at replicating the natural hormone levels in the body.

These pellets are placed under the skin of the patient and are designed to release slow, steady, and constant doses of hormones. It provides the patient’s body with the necessary amount it needs for optimal function. Bioidentical pellets, unlike other replacement therapies, do not have any dramatic and adverse effects on the patient’s health.

Both men and women experience a drop in hormones with age, typically between 40 and 50. Hormones play an important role in regulating the functions of the body and your mood and overall wellness, so a hormone imbalance can cause a lot of bothersome symptoms. With hormone therapy pellets, the hormone balance can be restored to improve wellness in men and women as they age.

What are Hormone Therapy Pellets?

Hormone therapy pellets are a form of age management offers at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging. Using bio-identical hormones, we attempt to replace the hormones that the patient is lacking to help them find relief from the side effects of aging. For men, this involves restoring testosterone levels. For women, we want to increase estrogen and sometimes progesterone that is lost during the menopause years.

How do Pellets Work?

Bio-identical hormone pellets are derived from plants and are an identical molecular match to the body’s natural estrogen or testosterone. The pure estradiol and testosterone are bound together with a human fatty acid, stearic acid. The bio-identical estradiol and testosterone are compressed into small, cylinder pellets that can be placed into the body’s fatty layers. These pellets are between the size of a grain of rice and a Tic-Tac. After being placed, the body can naturally absorb the pellet, administering a steady supply of hormones to the bloodstream.


What Does the Hormone Therapy Procedure Entail?

Subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy is a minor surgery that provides patients with amazing results. Your surgeon will make a small incision and place a really small pellet under the skin. The incision will take about five days to heal. During this period of time the patient is supposed to avoid full tub soaks and rigorous activities.

Who can Benefit from Hormone Therapy Pellets?

Hormone therapy can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of men and women. Men and women typically expereince some of the same side effects when it comes to hormone imbalances including a lack of energy, weight gain, irritability, decreased sex drive, and an overall decline in mood and wellness. These symptoms typically begin in a person’s 40 and 50s. For men, this is due to a natural testosterone decrease known as andropause, and for women, a decrease in estrogen with menopause. Some women may even require hormone therapy if the ovaries were removed.

Why is Hormone Therapy Necessary?

Hormone pellets will give women muscle tone, mass, libido, and mental clarity. When the hormonal levels in your body are low, you often tend to experience mental confusion, poor muscle development, and weight gain, even with daily exercise. The side effects of hormone deficiency on the muscles, bones, metabolism, heart, and brain can be quite significant and detrimental to long term health.

The brain needs testosterone along with estrogen to make serotonin, the chemical needed for emotional balance. If you lack sufficient amounts of these hormones, you will experience emotional instability, leading to irritability, increased anxiety, anger, sleep disturbances, and depression.

Hormone pellet therapy restores the hormonal levels in the body and ensures that you experience none of the adverse physical and emotional effects of an hormonal imbalance.

How are Hormone Therapy Pellets Administered?

Hormone therapy pellets are administered through a tiny incision in the patient’s hip or buttock. This is done using a tiny incision and the use of local anesthesia for your comfort. The small pellet is then placed into the fatty layers of tissue where it can be easily absorbed.

What Makes this Hormone Therapy Different?

Since hormone therapy utilizes compounds that are identical to the ones found in the body, anyone can benefit from it without having to endure the adverse effects of synthetically derived compounds. However, those are not the only benefits. Unlike oral medication that has to be taken twice every day, a hormone pellet can last for about six months.

Since the pellets deliver a steady stream of hormones, it makes it easy for the body to absorb them in a regular manner. Moreover, oral hormones pass through the liver to get metabolized. This causes an increase in the production of clotting factors, whereas hormone pellets are absorbed in the blood stream, thereby decreasing the risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Compared to other methods, pellet therapy has offered the greatest relief to symptoms associated with menopause as well as andropause including night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, skin issues, fatigue, weight gain and osteoporosis.

Are the Hormone Pellets Adequate?

If the dosage is insufficient, the surgeon will prescribe supplements to boost the hormone levels. During your next implantation procedure, the dosage will be adjusted according to your body’s response. This ensures a customized solution that fits your individual needs.

Make sure that you go to a board certified surgeon with experience. He will do a comprehensive blood-work test and decide on the appropriate dosage based on what your body needs.

What are the Results of Pellets?

There are many benefits that come from hormone therapy with bio-identical hormone therapy. Once the hormones are in balance, patients can expect relief from their symptoms with improved mood and though clarity, easier time losing weight, protection against bone loss, improved sleep cycle, and improved overall wellness.

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