Many women wish for fuller lips due to either genetically thin lips, or lip thinning with age, but don’t want to have implants placed. With injectable filler, Adley DaSilva can add a subtle enhancement to the lips for youthful volume and softness.

What is a Lip Enhancement?

A lip enhancement involves the use of injectables like Juvederm or Restylane Silk to add subtle volume and improve the shape of the lips. At the same time, a lip enhancement can involve a neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport to gift the lips a lifted appearance and smooth vertical lip lines. A lip enhancement might also include skin resurfacing treatments.


Who is a Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

Candidates for a lip enhancement are those who wish to achieve natural-looking fullness to the lips without the use of surgery. An injectable lip enhancement can offer a temporary solution to those who are not ready for permanently larger lips with implants. Those who want a subtle increase in volume and want to smooth out vertical lip lines are excellent candidates for a lip enhancement.

The Treatment Process

Because the skin on the lips is extra sensitive, a topical numbing cream will be applied to ensure patient comfort. Adley DaSilva believes that starting small is the best way to go when it comes to lip enhancement. He will inject a small amount of filler into the lips, ensuring even distribution. Patients can choose to have more filler added once they have assessed their lips. The goal of the lip enhancement is not to have large lips, but to improve softness and shape for a natural-looking enhancement.

The staff were amazing, they make you feel like family. Adley is very experienced and I felt confident in his abilities. I’ll definitely be back. :)”

Recovery and Results

There is no required downtime after a lip enhancement, however, patients can expect some swelling, redness, and stinging around the lips. Using a straw and drinking or eating hot foods and liquids should be avoided for a few days after treatment. The results of a lip enhancement can be noticed right away for added fullness and softness. The results of a lip enhancement can last for 9-12 months.

Your Consultation with Adley DaSilva

Adley DaSilva has years of experience with injectable treatments like lip enhancement. He can help you choose the filler formula that’s best for your enhancement and help you achieve the look you want. To schedule your consultation in Port St. Lucie, contact Cosmetica Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging today.

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