Unwanted body hair can be painful and a hassle to remove, just for the hair to grow right back. With laser hair removal, patients can achieve hair-free skin that lasts.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal involves laser energy to heat and destroy the hair follicle. Laser hair removal works with the pigment in the hair, absorbing the light and leading to follicle damage so that the hair cannot grow back. Laser hair removal requires several treatment sessions to achieve completely hair-free skin, but the results are permanent.

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Anyone who is bothered by unwanted body hair can benefit from laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can be used virtually anywhere that hair is present. The most common treatment areas are the underarms, legs, bikini area, upper lip, chest, and back. Laser hair removal is most effective on patients with light skin and dark hair, however, advanced laser technologies now allow all skin and hair colors to be effectively treated. Adley DaSilva will examine your skin to determine how effective laser hair removal will be for you and how many treatment sessions you can expect.

The Treatment Process

To begin laser hair removal, a cooling gel will be applied to the skin. The target area will then be mapped out and Adley will use the appropriate laser settings and administer laser energy to the treatment area. several passes will be made over the area in a grid-like pattern. The time it takes to complete one treatment session will depend on the size of the area.

The second you walk in, the staff is so welcoming and professional.  During the procedure, the staff assured my comfort the entire time and was so wonderful.  They were so knowledgeable on the products and services and answered my questions thoroughly.  Adley explained everything step by step.  This office makes “getting old” not so bad!

Recovery and Results

After laser hair removal, the treated area will be red and uncomfortable similar to a sunburn. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure while healing and always use sunscreen when outdoors. In the week following treatment, the hair will fall out of the treated follicle. Patients can expect some hair loss at that time, however, due to the natural growth cycle of hair, it could take several treatment sessions for optimal results. We recommend 3-6 spaced out treatment plans total. This will ensure that all hair follicles have been treated during their growth phases for successful treatment and removal.

Your Consultation with Adley DaSilva

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone. Adley DaSilva can meet with you and examine your skin and hair type to determine if laser hair removal is right for you. To schedule your hair removal consultation in Port St. Lucie, contact Cosmetica Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging today.

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