Scarring can occur from a previous injury, burn, or surgical procedure. With wound scar treatment, the goal is to fade redness so that scarring is less noticeable. This can be done with the use of laser treatment, using focused laser light to heat the skin and stimulate new skin cell production.

What is Wound Scar Treatment?

Wound scar treatment involves laser therapy to remove the outer, damaged or discolored layers of skin and to heat the deeper layers of skin to produce new, stronger skin. Wound scar treatment may not completely remove the appearance of a deep scar, but can greatly fade its appearance in most cases.

Who is a Candidate for Wound Scar Treatment?

Patients who have had a past surgical procedure, injury, burn, or other skin trauma that has left a scar can benefit from laser scar treatment. To be a candidate, the wound must be completely healed before treatment. A consultation with Adley DaSilva is required to ensure that patients are candidates for wound scar treatment with laser therapy.

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The Treatment Process

To begin wound scar treatment, the skin will be cleansed and prepped. A topical anesthetic will then be applied to the area to ensure patient comfort during the process. Adley will then administer the laser light energy to the treatment area, heating deep layers of skin. While one laser treatment can provide improvements, several treatment sessions may be required for optimal improvements.

Recovery and Results

After wound scar treatment with laser therapy, the area will be extra sensitive and patients can expect some redness and stinging similar to a sunburn. Patients should follow all post-op care instructions to ensure proper skin healing and avoid direct sun exposure after treatment. As the skin heals, patents can expect improved scars with the regeneration of new skin cells.

Your Consultation with Adley DaSilva

If you have a deep scar from a past surgery or injury, talk to Adley DaSilva today to find out if you are a candidate for wound treatment with laser therapy. To schedule your consultation in Port St. Lucie, contact our office today.

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