At Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging, we offer Sclerotherapy and Ambulatory Phlebectomy, the ideal treatment for most patients suffering from varicose veins, spider veins, and reticular veins. If you are like most patients with varicose veins and don’t have reflux of blood traveling down your veins (which Adley DaSilva will determine with the use of Doppler Ultrasound) you can be successfully treated with sclerotherapy or ambulatory phlebectomy or both modalities.

Adley will discuss your “vein problems” in depth, examine your legs and perform a Doppler exam, which will determine your candidacy for sclerotherapy, excision of the affected veins with micro-incisions-“ambulatory phlebectomy” or recommend laser treatment for you.

You can rest assured you will be treated by a surgeon who completed a year-long fellowship training program in vascular surgery and who has extensive experience in the contemporary treatment of spider, reticular and varicose veins!

Sclerotherapy was developed in the 1920s for the treatment of spider veins (telangiectasias), small purple and red blood vessels. Spider veins are hereditary, and while most commonly found on the thigh or lower leg, can form virtually anywhere on the leg, from the uppermost region of the thigh to the ankle. Sclerotherapy has proven to be a very popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and is preferred over laser in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. Sclerotherapy can be an excellent alternative to surgery for most patients.

The second you walk in, the staff is so welcoming and professional.  During the procedure, the staff assured my comfort the entire time and was so wonderful.  They were so knowledgeable on the products and services and answered my questions thoroughly.  Adley explained everything step by step.  This office makes “getting old” not so bad!

Performing Sclerotherapy

Adley DaSilva will use a Doppler Ultrasound to confirm that you don’t have venous blood traveling “the wrong way” in your leg veins. Once “reflux” has been excluded, Sclerotherapy can be safely and easily performed. Larger veins are usually treated first. Adley will use a fiber optic illuminator- The Vein Light- to assist in localizing the veins to be treated. FDA approved Asclera, Adley’s agent of choice is painlessly injected into your affected veins with a micro-needle. The solution causes your vein to turn white (blanch), and then gradually disappear. A typical treatment session lasts 20 minutes. Adley recommends patients wear compression hose for 2 wks after the treatment session.

Key Benefits of Sclerotherapy

  • no downtime
  • immediately resume work and all normal activities
  • compression hose is recommended
  • a safe, time-proven procedure.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy involves removal of your troublesome larger veins under local anesthesia. Adley DaSilva will numb the veins with a dilute local anesthetic and the veins are removed thru tiny incisions that are closed with butterfly strips. The leg (arm or hand) is wrapped for 1-2 days with your activity as tolerated. You will need to wear compression hose for 2 wks after the treatment session for leg vein injections.

Key Benefits of Ambulatory Phlebectomy

  • out patient procedure
  • local anesthesia; little discomfort
  • avoids invasive surgery or laser
  • few side effects
  • minimal risk of scarring

Other Considerations

  • Complete correction of your varicose veins is usually not to be expected
  • Only about 50 to 70% of the treated vessels will be permanently gone
  • One to three or more treatment sessions may be necessary, depending on the how many of your veins are to be treated.
  • Tiny clots or discoloration can develop at your injection sites which generally resolve in time
  • If you have an underlying problem with the venous system, the veins may recur
  • You could form new “problem” veins in other areas as you age.

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