Brazilian Butt Lift

In recent years, the curvaceous look has become very popular with more and more women wanting a shapelier buttock. To get this desired look, many women are turning to the Brazilian butt lift procedure to improve the size and shape of their buttocks for an overall curvy, feminine appearance. To help women gain the desired look they strive for our team at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging offer buttock augmentation options.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

An increasingly popular procedure, the Brazilian Butt lift, helps women to increase the size of the buttocks for a more feminine figure. This buttock augmentation helps to improve the contour, size, and shape of the buttocks using implants. Many women are deciding to undergo this procedure to help them feel more confident while making their body appear more proportionate. By talking with our Board-Certified surgeon, he can help you to choose an implant option that will give you the desired look.

Brazilian Butt Lift Options

There are different options for the butt lift that patients can choose from. Dr. Vinas will help his patients choose an option that will benefit them the most by giving them the contours they desire. The most popular methods for the buttock augmentation procedure are fat transfer or buttock implants.


brazillian butt lift


  • Fat Transfer: This technique takes excess fat from a donor area on the patients’ body using liposuction. The fat is then purified and injected into the buttock region of the patient to improve the size and shape of the buttock. This option is suitable for patients who already have a fairly defined buttock but would like a little more lift and shape added.
  • Buttock Implants: This technique utilizes silicone implants that are placed in the tissue through an incision hidden in the crease of the buttock. This is suitable for patients who have a flat or poorly defined buttock, and not a lot of excess fatty tissue.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for this procedure are healthy individuals who are dissatisfied with the current look and contours of their buttocks. By speaking with Dr. Vinas during a consultation appointment he can let you know if this would be beneficial for you as well as what realistic results to expect. Thousands of women undergo this procedure each year and love the results that it gives them.


The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The typical procedure referred to as the Brazilian butt lift is the fat transfer procedure. This option has many benefits such as no risk of immune problems, no foreign substances in the body, and creates a more natural-looking appearance. At the time of the consultation, you and Dr. Vinas will pick a donor area to take the extra fat from. This could be the thighs, abdomen, or back. Then this fat will be removed using liposuction. Once the fat is removed, it will be purified and placed into syringes for injecting. Then the injections will be placed strategically into the buttocks to improve the contour, size, and shape. To make sure that patients are comfortable during this procedure, Dr. Vinas will go over the sedation options we offer to reduce any pain and minimize bleeding. Patients who undergo this procedure will be able to see immediate results.


brazillian butt lift


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

To make sure our patients are informed and prepared we will provide complete care instructions for the recovery process. Many patients will experience some bruising and swelling for a couple weeks following the surgery. Patients will need to wear a compression garment to support the buttocks for the first few days of rest. It may be a couple weeks before patients are permitted to return to work or any strenuous activity as the buttock is healing.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift done and want to know more, then contact our team at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging. We want to help each woman feel confident and feminine with their new proportions. To make an appointment call the office or fill out an online form and a team member will reach out to you.