Chin Augmentation is the fastest-growing trend in cosmetic enhancement! Augmentation of the chin in women and men has skyrocketed in 2011, growing faster than breast augmentation, Botox injections and liposuction combined! Chin augmentation saw an overall increase of 71% among all demographics, with the highest increase among people ages 40-57.

You will appreciate a boost in confidence and youthfulness chin augmentation affords! Strong chins are associated with honesty, confidence and leadership!

The chin and jawline are frequently the first areas where facial aging occurs and chin augmentation provides for an easy, quick change. Patients are noticing the signs of aging in the chin and jaw at an earlier age, as they see themselves on video chat and online photo technology, fueling the demand for augmentation of the chin.

Because aging of the chin and jawline are frequently the first signs of aging, having additional support for loose skin of the lower face & neck will improve the appearance of these areas whether chin augmentation is performed as a stand-alone procedure or at the time of a lower face and neck lift.

Some men and women are born with a weak, diminutive chin. This can not only result in weakness of the lower face but can also have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the neck.

By the time many women present for lower face and neck lift, they not infrequently have had jaw bone erosion and a diminutive chin. Having insufficient bony support due to a weak chin makes laxity of the skin of the lower face & neck appear worse and difficult to treat without the additional volume a chin implant provides.

Having a weak chin doesn’t provide for the proper support of the skin of the lower face and neck. It’s almost like trying to place a large adult size shirt on a child size hanger!

The newer implants are different from the old implants in that the material used, silicone is nonreactive and doesn’t stimulate a foreign body reaction. The new implants are not shaped like a “button”, the shape of the old implants but have “wings” that extend into the area of the lower jaw. These newer implants minimize the appearance of jowling.

In addition to placement of a chin implant at the time of a lower face and neck lift, a chin implant can be combined with small cannula liposuction and or direct tightening of the platysma neck muscles, further enhancing the neck and jawline!

Key Benefits of Chin Augmentation:

  • greatly enhance facial aesthetics
  • increases anterior chin projection
  • increases prejowl fullness
  • improves chin-neck angle
  • natural appearance with proper technique
  • subtle enhancement of a deficient chin can improve the overall appearance
  • a large nose appears to decrease in size when a deficient chin is brought out to a more appropriate position
  • simple, short procedure with low morbidity
  • performed with local anesthesia and IV sedation
  • well hidden incision less than 1 inch in length
  • outpatient procedure done in an AAAHC accredited facility
  • quick recovery
  • much less invasive than surgery to move the jaw bone
  • improved aesthetics over jaw bone surgery
  • better long term result over jaw bone surgery
  • high patient satisfaction
  • reversible

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