To combat the hollowed areas on the face that creates wrinkles, creases, or sunken cheeks, many patients are starting to look at fat transfers. Fat transfer help remove fat from one area of the body and inject it into another. This helps create natural-looking results that offer little risk. At Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging our team offers patients the option for a fat transfer to help smooth and volumize their skin.

What is Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer procedure (fat grafting) takes fat from areas on the body with excess fat and transfers it into areas that may lack in volume. This procedure is well-received by patients because it uses your own body tissue for the most natural-looking results. The main area of treatment for fat transfer is the face. As we age, the natural collagen and elastin in our bodies begin to break down, causing a dip in our skin to occur. Our skin starts to lose volume and fat resulting in our faces looking hollow. With a fat transfer, patients can get the volumized, youthful look that was lost over time.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

The facial fat transfer procedure can address many different skin concerns. The fat transfer can address creases, lines, crows feet, and wrinkles. It can also be used to plump up areas on the face like the lips and cheeks. The fat that will be used can be taken from fatty areas like the abdomen or thighs. This procedure comes with many benefits such as:

  • Autologous Fat is Natural
  • The Autologous Fat Does Not Cause Immune Problems
  • Can Be Done in Conjunction With Other Procedures
  • Can Treat Multiple Areas of the Face
  • Long-Lasting

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Am I a Good Candidate?

During a consultation appointment with Dr. Vinas at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging, he will examine your skin to see if this is a good option for you. Dr. Vinas will look to see how much excess fat can be spared from donor sites on the body to be used as injections in the face. To ensure your safety, he will also go over your medical history. For the best results, patients should be open and honest about their concerns as well as their aesthetic goals.

How is Fat Transfer Done?

This procedure may need to be repeated multiple times for the desired result. Most patients need two-to-three treatments done one-to-three months apart. The fat transfer procedure is done in a three-stage process. The process is:

  • Harvesting: At the consultation appointment, a donor site will be chosen for the fat transfer. Then through liposuction, the fat tissue to be transferred will be taken from the donor site.
  • Purification & Transfer: When the desired amount of fat is obtained, it will be prepared for transfer. The surgeon will purify the fat and place it into small syringes for the fat transfer.
  • Placement: The treatment area will be prepared for the injections. The surgeon will inject the purified fat into the treatment area, this will be repeated multiple times until the desired correction is achieved.

Fat Transfer Recovery

To prepare patients for the surgery and recovery period, they will be given complete instructions for pre-operative as well as post-operative care. Some side effects of this procedure are swelling, bruising, and some minor pain or discomfort. Many patients can resume normal daily activities about two weeks following the procedure. To make sure that you heal properly and achieve optimal results, keep a relationship with Dr. Vinas so he can monitor your recovery. Proper recovery time helps give patients amazing results that they can enjoy for years to come.

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