Sexual Dysfunction & Bremelanotide – PT 141
Poets throughout the ages have dreamed of an aphrodisiac, and they expressed their exotic hopes for its arrival. With Bremelanotide – PT 141, their dreams may have come true. The new product offers benefits that far exceed those of Viagra and Cialis. It helps women and men achieve sexual desire and performance with distinct differences from the older treatments. Instead of relying on the circulatory system to increase blood flow, Bremelanotide affects the nervous system and the hypothalamus to stimulate a desire for sex. In an area of the brain that can stimulate the release of hormones, the peptide can exert an influence on sexual behavior, arousal and performance.

Understanding the Difference
Cialis treats erectile dysfunction by providing a chemical that lets the penis receive an increase in blood flow. By making the blood vessels in the penis expand as their muscles relax, Cialis helps produce an erection. The product requires a lead time of about 30 minutes to take effect, and users need to have sexual stimulation as well. As the main ingredient, tadalafil works as a PDE5 inhibitor.

Sildenafil works about the same way in Viagra. Both inhibitors use the vascular system to increase blood flow, but PT 141 relies on the nervous system instead. The effect of Viagra remains for about six hours, but Cialis may six times as long. However, it works only on men whose erectile dysfunction results from impaired blood flow. One dose of Cialis consists of a 10 mg pill once a day. Since PT 141 does not depend on improving blood circulation to produce an erection, it works without limitations that diabetes or low testosterone may create.

Viagra produces an increase in blood flow to the penis in the same way as Cialis, but it also blocks the blood so that it keeps the penis erect. It lasts for two or three hours and starts taking effect within an hour when accompanied by sexual stimulation. A dose consists of one pill of 50mg once a day. Both Viagra and Cialis cause a drop in blood pressure.

Choosing the Advantages of Bremelanotide – PT 141
Bremelanotide offers many advantages over Viagra and Cialis. As a new supplement, it achieves results that the older products fail to deliver. Available in different delivery modalities, a dose of 10mg once a day appeals to most people who use it before engaging in sexual activity. It treats women for sexual arousal disorder and men for impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Neither of the other products can produce any effect on women, and they can create a significant side effect of a potentially dangerous drop in blood pressure. The way PT 141 works makes it significantly different as well. Instead of placing demands on the veins and arteries in the vascular system, it triggers receptors in the brain that send signals to increase sexual desire, performance and pleasure. The body’s natural neurological processes enable both men and women to achieve an enhanced function that Cialis and Viagra cannot match.

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